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World Premiere: November 17, 2015 - Winnipeg, Canada
Choreography: Shai Gottesman

Meridian: Like the imaginary lines that divide the globe, there are imaginary lines that are drawn to distinguish styles of music, based on borders that were subjective and changed and morphed over decades. The lines do not really exist and the borders are only for political convenience. The traditions in reality shift and blend beyond any borders.

This concert featured special musical guests Black Sea Station and Verba Ukrainian Dance Company, alongside the Chai Folk Ensemble.


World Premiere: November 17, 2015  - Winnipeg, Canada
Choreography: Jared Laberge & Kiersten Knysh

A train station in the 1930's erupts into chaos as immigrants and workers make their way in the world.  Breaking both the conventions of Ukrainian Dance and Klezmer Music, two cultures move together and create new circuits of identity and belonging.