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Yarema's Serenade

In the grove, the grove, sheltered from the wind,  The moon high in the sky, the stars shine.

The Holodomor Project

We invite you to join us in this emotional journey - find faith in times of sorrow, grieve, and see dance through different eyes...


This concert will feature special musical guests Black Sea Station and Verba Ukrainian Dance Company, alongside the Chai Folk Ensemble.  Meridian: Like the imaginary lines that divide the globe, there are imaginary lines that are drawn to distinguish styles of music, based on borders that were subjective and changed and morphed over decades. The lines do not really exist and the borders are only for political convenience. The traditions in reality shift and blend beyond any borders.

Celebrating 5 Years

Join us as we celebrate our 5th Anniversary Season!  Contact us today to arrange your Audition.

Prepare to lose yourself in our culture...

Ukrainian Dancing like you've never seen it before... Verba's mandate is to share with you the stories, passion, and traditions that make up a nation. By working with some of the most prolific and creative choreographers in Winnipeg and across Canada, Verba's repertoire utilizes both the grace and athleticism of Ukrainian Dance to submerge the audience into the heart of Ukrainian Folklore.

Verba was honoured to perform the Trepak in the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's "The Nutcracker"...check out the Winnipeg Free Press review here.